Notifications are back but AI is not working

My notifications are working properly again as of this morning (there was a recent Netvue server issue), however the AI (bird identification feature) does not seem to be working. I have the full version (not the Birdfy Lite). Is anyone else having the same issue?


My AI is working again.

Same. It told me a peanut was a mourning dove. :rofl::rofl:

I wonder why mine isn’t working. It seems like it started to be a problem around the same time as the server issues, so hopefully it will get fixed at some point. Do you guys pay for the monthly subscription or do you have the full Birdfy with AI?

My AI is working again as well. Good luck. Always frustrating when not working.

UPDATE: My AI is now working again. Was just part of the server issues last week I guess. Back to the bird watching!