Not getting push notifications

Let me first say the camera is picking up motion and they are logged correctly if I manually look under events for the camera.

However my phone is not dinging and giving me a push notification when the motion is detected. If I have the app open and am actively doing something in the app and motion is detected then the notification will pop up. If I close out of the app though, a notification will not come through when the motion is detected. It is still detecting the motion and logging it under notifications as I said before. I’m just not getting the notification on my phone.

So if I want notified for motion I need to keep the app open 24/7. Or go into the app and manually look under the cameras notifications… It should be like any other app where if I get a message my phone dings and I open it, I don’t need to leave the messaging app open 24/7 to get a text, why do I need to leave netvue open to get a motion alert???

Also customer service gives me the generic restart
and reinstall everything speech which has got me nowhere. I have confirmed all my settings are good as well. Anyone have this issue?!?!


Hi friend,

Thanks so much for your feedback.

It is not a common issue so we have forwarded your request to our customer support team and they will be reaching out to you pretty soon for further support.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

Mine is doing the same thing. I have three cameras installed and only one is having this issue. Was there a solution for this?

Nope. Customer service was “looking into it” and decided to just never respond to me. I got sick of reaching out and getting the same run around every time… Restarting it for the 500th time is obviously not going to fix the problem. eye roll.


That stinks! This is definitely a really big annoyance that needs to be fixed. I got tired of restarting mine as well… hope they come out with a fix :confused: might not be worth it to keep using these cameras with the issues I’m seeing. Thanks for the quick response though!

Netvue Team, Is there any resolution to this? My camera is doing the same and the restart/reboot solution from customer service is not resolving the issue. All settings are identical to my other two Netvue cameras that are saving notifications in the app. The newest camera purchased about 2 weeks ago is the only one having this issue. All three cameras have been updated to the most recent firmware as well with the newest camera the only one with the issue.

Hi Netvue Friends,

Thanks for all your patience.

Here is an instruction article that we would recommend you to take a look at -

If your device is still having this issue, we would recommend you to reach out to our customer support team to get better personalized assistance. You could reach them via or instant message them on

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

I too am having push notification issues and tech support “escalated it” which means I am now expecting an email telling me to do the exact same things the tech already told me to do in chat which didn’t fix anything.

Push notifications were working fine. Nothing changed on my end as far as phone settings or the app settings. It still logs motion alerts and has the videos to view. Just not getting ANY push notifications.

It seems obvious that their push notifications programming is broke and THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX IT.

I’m PAYING for human detection. It’s not working so I think I am going to ask that I get refunded every month until they get it working again.

That seems fair to me.

It WAS working fine. THEY BROKE IT.

I posted this problem 3-4 months ago. Customer service is quick to post and reply on here like they’re working on it or have an article that describes a fix… Or they’ll message you and try to work it out. But it always ends in the same generic problem solving steps that I’ve tried 50 times and amount to nothing. They never look into it further and are just trying to save face on these public platforms.

I’m basically just using this as a 24/7 record camera and if something happens I’ll manually go back and review footage. As far as any detection/notification, this camera is absolutely useless just like customer service.

And hey customer service don’t even respond to this to try and look good until you have a new real fix or a new improved product you’re gonna give us.

3 months later and I’m still salty with this company. I’d rather you say we goofed, then act like it’s a problem you’re working on.

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I’m having this same problem. The article they send you to doesn’t align with the app settings when I open it. I’m so disappointed that this isn’t working. Defeats the whole purpose of purchasing this camera. Waste of money. :pensive:

Is there a fox for this? I stopped receiving push notifications on my phone a while ago…
Tried to reset configuration on the camera but it’s not arriving…
This does not talk nice about netvue…

Hi All,
Got the same on my android but works fine on all my apple devices.
Not sure if you are able to test the same theory?
@netvue please investigate the android netvue notification issue.

Yup. Same here guys this is getting ridiculous.

Same problem, literally just installed the camera, notifications stopped after first hour. Any real solution Netvue???

Hi there,
Sorry for the late reply.
1.Please make sure you have allowed the Netvue app to send you notifications in your phone’s settings.
2.Please make sure the “Do Not Disturb” mode is off on your phone, otherwise you won’t get notifications when you locked the screen.
3. Please make sure you have enabled the motion alert features on the Netvue app device setting.
4. If you enabled the human detection of lab features on APP, please just turn it off.
If still not working,
Please uninstall the Netvue APP from your phone then install it again.
Remember to allow all permissions of APP access to your phone.

best regards