No SD cards! Erm Really! I am done with Netvue!

After all the trouble I have had with Netvue cameras and SD cards, this is the absolute final straw.
The app is now telling me that there is not an SD card in EITHER of my two cameras and yet I replaced and inserted two new ones in the last 6 months (so please dont give me the rubbish that its my faulty SD cards)
I unplugged the cameras and then they worked fine for a while.
I go back into the app later and again tells me to insert SD cards in both my cameras.
All these SD card issues lead me to believe that it is simply a ploy to buy the cloud service and I was not impressed with that either, so cancelled it. Each time the camera detected a person it would skip recording, really handy to try and catch burglars…NOT!
I dont have any issues with my other cameras by NETSEE and CAMHI
Im going to purchase new cameras and bin these Netvue ones, what a waste of time and money!!

Hi, there,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
I checked your cameras they all have SD cards and working now.
Since SD card has a limited number of reading and writing times and lifespan, it is also influenced by different specifications and brands. When the lifespan is approaching, the write operation will become unstable and cause failure.
We suggest you use a Class 10 SD card



I’m sorry to tell you but, you are purchasing counterfeit SD cards.

I posted several years back that there are so many counterfeit that even the most recommended companies SD cards are difficult to tell from counterfeit.

You must purchase SD cards directly from Manufacturers. Also if you then possibly have a faulty one they will then replace card no questions asked. Especially the big named SD card companies.

If uou purchase via Amazon likely approximate 33% chance of getting counterfeit.

eBay would be far in excess of that.

So, purchase from reputable manufacturer.

I am in no way affiliated with any manufacturer or even Netvue. These are my beliefs and you do not have to take my opinion as an opinion!

Mr Bee.