No notification when mobilephone connected to mobile network


I have a Nevue Sentry 2 camera, and it works fine. The camera is connected to the WIFI.
I have turned on the motion detection.

If my phone is connected to the same WIFI as the camera, I correctly get the notification on my mobilephone
Buf if my mobilephone is connected to a mobile network (4G), i got no notifications. I have to open the application to see the alerts and photos.

Do i have to configure something on the camera ? On my router ? On my phone ?

Hi there.
I don’t know if you managed to fix this yet but I know on my iPhone there are different settings for Notifications (and which Apps can use data when using Mobile Data).
I suspect if you can still access the App when using Mobile Data then it must be a Notifications setting - do you receive notifications from other apps when on Mobile Data? If not - then maybe a general setting.
If you have iPhone let me know and I can take a look again to get details of the steps to check this.
Maybe if you search for how to switch on Notifications using mobile data as a general thing rather than specifically for NetVue you might find something for your phone :slight_smile:
Hope it helps in some way.

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