New Feature | 2-Way Communication with Amazon Alexa

As you know, all of Netvue Products are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

You are able to do these things through Alexa:

  • watch and listen live video
  • watch replay
  • get event notifications
  • set routines like: “turn on the light when motion detected in living room”

And Now One more important feature: Talk Through Alexa!
Simply turn on the microphone on your Echo show screen, and you can say anything with hands free through Alexa, just like in the App, but no need to open your phone any more!

Q: How many Netvue Skills are in the Alexa skill market?
A: There are two Skills:

  • “Netvue” Skill
  • “Netvue Live Video” Skill

Q: How to enable Netvue Skills?
A: Go to your Alexa App, search Netvue Skill and enable it. Then say “Alexa, discover my devices”. Watch the instruction video>>

Q: Does any Netvue camera support 2-way audio on Alexa?
A: No, only Netvue Pro Series cameras support this feature.

*compatible Echo devices and Fire TV devices to Netvue Pro series security cameras, including Vigil Pro, Orb Pro and Sentry Pro.

Check my Vigil Pro! :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can talk through it, but the fire TV only supports to press the remote control to speak. LOL

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