Nevtue app crash when i record something

Hi Everyone. When i start to record a video in my sd card,i mean a part of video, and i stop to record, my app just crash and save nothing. Can someone explain me how to fix?

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when i just take a picture it works.

I am having exactly the same issue and cannot fix it.

im having the same issue and spoke to the live chat. they told me they passed it on to 2nd line but not heard back for a few days now

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This happens to me too, I’m using screen recording on my phone for now. I use Android 11.

Pictures are captured fine, the last time I can confirm it worked was on Dec 24th.

The app crashes for me when I try and save a video. It works once in a while but mostly crashes.

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
We have released a new APP version to fix this bug, please go to Google play to download the APP 5.25.2 Or you could just download it from below link: