Netvue web not available in the UK

When will the facility to access my cameras be available in the UK, as it is in the USA, via ?

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Netvue Web is available all of the regions rather than varying based on countries. The only limitation of Netvue Web is whether your device is 3M or not. Please double check on this and feel free to email hi@netvue,com if you have any further question.

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The URL you entered is incorrect. The address of the Web Client does not contain www.


I have 4x Vigil Cameras and 1xinternal camera.

When I log onto the browser login, the camera s are there under My Devices, but each stated the they are ‘Unsupported’.

What is 3M? Do my cameras not have it?

When will the Vigil cameras be viewable fro the web browser portal?

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We are very sorry, we use the WebRTC protocol for Web playback, and currently only our Pro series models support browser playback.

Why currently only Pro models support WebRTC, please refer to this post:

Other models are currently in the testing phase and should soon be able to support playback in the browser.

Stay tuned!

Is the Web Browser Access active in the UK yet?

Hi Kimbals,

Netvue Web Browser Access is available to all of the Netvue Pro cameras. If you have Sentry Pro, Vigil Pro, or Orb Pro, you will be able to view your live streaming content on any browser by entering

Hope this helps.

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