Netvue Vigil - so many issues - SD Cards - Cloud - Activation

Like many people here I’m very frustrated with these camera’s
I have 3 of them, 2 were outside for 6 months, so I opened the 3rd one
None of them will recognize a SD card
I’ve bought 3 brand new sandisk cards, with all the specs that they suggest and formatted them

It’s ridiculous, and starting to believe it’s a scam to get you to join there cloud service

On top of it, the newest one I just opened, is recognized by the app, but I keep trying to turn on motion detection (setting the schedule, area, etc) and when I try to save, it will not save

And this is after I signed up for the cloud service to take a test drive

I have a master’s degree in computer science, developed software for 35 years, and have much experience developing websites, phone apps, databases, etc

NetVue…what is going on ???


Thanks for sharing this!

Sometimes the camera cannot recognize the SD card, please cut off the camera power, re-insert the SD card. Then reconnect the camera power, it can be fixed by restart your camera.
Also, about your motion detection cannot save, please format your SD card and then try it again. If it still does not work, please let us know and send your device number to us, we will let our engineers check it for you.

Kind regards,

I don’t think you’re fully understanding

There is more than one problem:

  1. The SD card is not being recognized, I have tried several times to format, reinsert, power cycle, reinsert…I have also tried multiple SD cards

  2. Motion Alerts (general settings) are turned on but notifications are not being sent, also when I select the device to see the motion history, there is nothing there. Notifications for Netvue are turned on in my phone settings. This should work regardless of the SD card issue

  3. When I select the device and go into “motion detection” (i.e. not “general settings”) I turn on motion detection, and add a motion time setting and hit save, the settings are not saved. As soon as I save the time setting, the busy wheel spins for a bit but is does not save the time setting (it then turns off motion detection altogether

my device id is: 2041504421717219


Sorry for these inconvenience.

  1. Have you tried to use App to format the SD card? After u insert the card and reboot camera, check Settings → General Setting → Micro SD Card. If the status is “need format”, tap “format card” and wait for a while until complete.

  2. I’ve checked the settings of device 2041504421717219. The Motion Detection is turned off now. Note that Motion Alerts settings will only affect the behavior of notification after motion detected. If no motion detected, there should be no notification no matter how Motion Alerts configured. Seems the root cause is issue 3.

  3. I will check the client logs and go back to you.

Hello @Udall ?

all 3 camera’s are still plugged in and online, and 1 out of 3 supports the motion detection.

did you check the client logs ?
the 2nd device that is having the same problem id is: 2041504421718996

all 3 camera’s do not recognize brand new Sandisk 128 gig cards with the suggested specs
yes, I’ve tried using the app to format the SD card

the 3rd device (the only one that motion detects) id is: 2041504421717223

Why are these so problematic ?
It appears I have the latest firmware on all devices

I have resolved this issue…I am going to paste a new topic so it’s fresh and others may benefit from what I found

Hi @datadaddy1024 ,

We checked the log and found it was an app issue. It started to work after you upgraded you App from 5.19.x to 5.24.1.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.