Netvue Sentry pro

Can anyone inform me if the Netvue Sentry pro will work in the UK?

Netvues online shop is showing me two types of sentry pro camara,one is marked up as “US only” the other doesn’t say.

I can’t find any information or anywhere else that sells this camara in the UK.
I have purchased my Vigil from and they don’t even have this sentry pro.

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Yes. Both of the Sentry Pro Cameras in the Netvue Online Shop are available and will be working in the UK. You will be able to place an order on our official website.

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I bought in france the netvue Sentry it work fine
Sd card working fine since camera has just a few days working

All my other netvue cameras has Sd problem failure :persevere:


So sorry to hear your SD card issue.

Could you please email a quick brief of your SD card issue to Our Customer Support Team will help you to check on your device.

Hope this helps.

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I have two Sentry pro. Does anyone have a problem about showing wrong date/time on the left coner? even I tried set up time zone in setting, But it still display wrong date and time. Do we have anyway to fix it?

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yes i also have 2 Sentry Pros and the time is way off even though time zone is correct. As of 2 days ago they have lost connection and i am unable to reconnect them. Also, when they were working I could view them on my phone but not on the web.

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Thanks for sharing your question related to Sentry Pro.

Could you please check on your device firmware version and see if they are in “1634”? This issue should be resolved after the firmware upgrade.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

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you cant update firmware in devices that wont connect to a network. Netvue needs to recall all the sentry pros that got the previous firmwarr update

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This issue should no longer be happening. If your device is still encountering any issue like this. Please get in touch with our customer support team and get further assistance on the product exchange solution.

Hope this helps.

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