Netvue Camera grading

Leaving review after reading forum gripes. Setting up and mounting Birdify requires more than average knowledge on smart home accessories, Mine worked fine after I stumbled through the process! Upgrade was , tuff! Setting the light and sound settings requires trial and error! If you mount the camera further than 50 ft from your modem you likely won’t have a signal! If you mount the camera anywhere other than the side of a slick building you will get torn down by raccoons if any are in your area! It takes great quality videos even at night! If mounted in the right place it can serve as a security camera as week a bird capture tool! We mounted ours the first time on an old swing set! A raccoon tore it down and broke the screw hole that secures top part to the bottom part! You cannot order the top part, not available! I superglued it back together and mounted on the side of a metal carport wall! So far, so good! Solar panel keeps camera charged well! Siren works well, needs a timer on the siren so you can auto turn it off at daylight! Also flashing light! Options such as bird recognition should be free when considering the price of the Birdify package! Thanks