Netvue Birdfy WiFi Antenna Partially Broken By Squirrel

A squirrel partially broke my Birdfy Feeder antenna. I did remove the camera and Wifi antenna from the feeder housing, taped the broken area of antenna with duct tape. I realized that the camera has a wire attached to the back of it, that attaches to the Wifi antenna. I thought that I may be able to replace the broken antenna, but will not be able to. Camera is slightly different from the separate Birdfy camera that I have. After putting the Birdfy Feeder back together, the camera video still records but my live video option does not work. I get dumped out of the app whenever I try to access the live view option. Please advise. Thanks.

Update: I resolved my issue. I usually keep the solar panel plugged in all the time. When I unplugged solar panel, I was then able to connect to live view with no difficulty.

Hi, there,
As for the problem of the camera going offline when plugging in, please try to update the firmware to the newest in APP.