NetVue app notifications time is wrong

Upon setting up the bird feeder, I set the time zone to my correct time zone (America/New York) and within the app, the time is correct. However, if I make a schedule or whenever I receive notifications, it is 4 hours ahead of my current time.

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Would you mind sharing some screenshots of the issue you met?
I will forward them to our engineers.


Hi, I’m seeing a similar issue - the time zone is correct in settings but the time on notifications/recordings is incorrect.

Attached photo - current time is 6:35 EDT but the feeder shows 12:34 as of 2 minutes ago.

Dear valued users,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent server issues, which resulted in many of our battery cameras being unable to function properly. We are happy to inform you that the issue has been resolved and all cameras should now be functioning normally.

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