Netvue app for laptop?

I want to monitor my Netvue Birdfy from my HP Pavilion laptop, not just from my phone. Is this possible? Also, I keep getting login errors, even though I am certain I am using the correct password. Please advise!

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You can use for live monitoring only, they never finished the work on that site, it would be extremely useful

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Hi, there,
Sorry to tell you that battery cameras can not be viewed on website now.
We are still working on it.


Lori Kay

If you know how to “mirror” your phone to your smart TV or your laptop, try that.

To do this with an iphone:

  1. Open the birdfy app on your phone

  2. With your finger, swipe from the top right of your screen, diagonally down towards the bottom left and your screen

  3. Look for a small box that shows what appears to be two computer/TV screens. Click on that and if you have a smart TV or computer, they should show up in the pop-up window.

  4. Select the TV or Computer from the list

Hope this works for you. I’ve been enjoying watching the feeder from my TV on a large screen and it’s great!

I don’t have a Birdfy app, I have a Netvue app?

Try taking the same steps from your netvue app.

Agreed that it would be extremely useful to monitor on laptop. Very disappointing and surprising that they do not have this. Many of us prefer to use laptop. Just to confirm, can do live monitoring on laptop on