Multiple Issues/Questions

I have just installed a Sentry Plus. I have some things I need help with.

  1. I signed up for basic human detection but when I set notifications to “Human” I get NO notifications at all. The only way I get notifications is to set it to “All”. I live in the country, there are always animals (deer, raccoon, etc) so I don’t want every movement detected. How do I fix this?

  2. I can see the space used on my SD card incrementing a bit each day but I can not access it to look at what was captured. I do see the historical notifications. Are these the SD card? When I click the “SD Card” in the app I don’t get anything it just stays on the same area.

  3. The website shows I have no devices but shows my subscription for human detection and my camera as the active device. Is this correct??

  4. I have tried to share with my husband, I go through everything, it shows I shared to him but it doesn’t show on his app. How can I share this?

Thank you

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.

  1. When you choose “human” only, the camera won’t send you a notification unless a human is detected. Could you please send me a screenshot of the notification page that a human is detected but no notification arrived?
  2. For battery cameras, SD card can store motion events only, it can’t record continuously cause the camera will be in sleep mode unless you view the live feed or motion is detected to save battery power.
  3. Here is the correct link on the website:
  4. Here are steps on how to share your battery camera with others:

Thank you but this isn’t very helpful but I do appreciate the response. I’ve been working with support on the first issue.

I’ve also been using the correct link to the website. Support let me know that battery cameras do not display there at this time.

I’ve gone through the steps to share my camera multiple times and it doesn’t share. That’s my issue, it isn’t that I don’t know how. My app shows it is shared but my husband never sees it on his.

As for the problem of sharing failed, did you try to refresh the APP home page on your husband’s phone?
Kindly send me screenshots of the page showing your camera is shared and your husband’s email address linked to Netvue account as well.
Looking forward to your reply

Yes I refreshed the app page. The email is Attached is the screenshot.

Why can’t the camera continuously record on the SD Card. I have power to it all the time and Netvue has supplied a Solar Panel as well.
I need continuous recording like the Orb Mini. It does exactly what I need and was hoping to add the Sentry Plus as well.
Will Netvue add a continuous record feature to an SD card to the Sentry Plus?

I really need this feature.