Motion alert no longer working

My motion alerts aren’t working. All my settings are correct. Has thus issue been resolved?

Just bought this house, and it has 2 cameras. I opened an account, downloaded the app and setup the 2 cameras. Takes a nice view with about a 2 second delay. I walked in front of one at night and could see myself on the phone, but received no alert. Has this been fixed/updated yet?

Hi friends,

Thanks for your following up!

At this moment, there is no proved issue with motion detection. The reason that you could not receive the notification is probably due to the setting mistake.

Please read the following article carefully in terms of how to setup motion detection properly so that you can receive notification -

If you have further question, we would recommend you to reach out to our customer support team for better and faster assistance. You could reach them via or instant message them on

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

Not buying it. I had a chat with Support at the end of August and they confirmed there was an issue and were working on it. Notifications started working the next day and stopped again yesterday. For me, it’s only Human Detection… All normal motion notifications work fine.

My motion detection is abysmally bad. I get motion alerts for shadows and cars driving past on the road, but NO motion alert for the Amazon truck coming up my driveway.

Alerts for shadows changing, but not a peep when someone was at my door.

Motion detection seems COMPLETELY random and broken.

I really wish I hadn’t wasted money on such a garbage product and service…

This is me, wishing I hadn’t given a no name brand a chance 🤷