Motion alert no longer working

My outdoor camera no longer picks up motion. An alert is sent but once I view the recording there’s no motion that would have warranted an alert. The only thing the camera is picking up now is lighting at night. I’ve restarted the camera, ensured the app is up to date , there is no sleep/do not disturb mode enabled and there’s no scheduled recording times set. Any ideas what to do from here?

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Same problem on my devices on last days :frowning:

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For the error alert issue, our development is fixing it with the latest firmware update. Please allow us sometime to release the new firmware.

In terms of the device picking up lighting at night, it might be due to the setting of sensitivity level of motion detection and the range of motion zone. Could you please go to camera’s setting > Motion Detection, set the sensitivity higher, and turn on all motion zones to see if your device will start to work better?

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I’m getting plenty motion but no human detection alerts

Just bought Sentry Pro and no motion alerts. Have read a couple replies to wait for an update to fix this. Wait for how long? If you sell a product it should work as advertised from jump.

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Could you please provide us more information about your device issue to so we could better assist you?

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Hello all
same issue with my devices - really annoying bug.
@netvue: Please give Feedback on expected date for corresponding firmware update , thank you!

Cancelled my subs as no human motion for over a week and absolutely heaps of buses and cars going past constantly even though they aren’t in area of detection


Thanks for your patience.

The latest firmware is under the test process. Once the test is finished, we will release it for your update.

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We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused.

Could you please email for more information on what has happened so we could better assist you?

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Hello. I just purchased a Vigil 2 camera. It is connected to Wi-Fi fine. The connection is 96/100. The camera has the latest firmware: 1577. The SD card is mounted, and has worked fine. Live view works fine, and the picture quality is excellent.

It doesn’t detect motion at all in any area I select. It will occasionally detect motion outside of that area, and even that isn’t consistent. I have it set up to motion detect 24 hours a day, every day. There is no sleep timer/time set. Motion detecting is a key feature of the camera that I need to be able to count on. Is this issue considered to generally be fixed, or is it something the Netvue team is still working on? If it is a work in progress, when might we expect a firmware and/or app update?

Hi Chell,

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This issue should be fixed with our latest firmware upgrade. At this point, our team is running internal test to make sure everything works fine. It should be released pretty soon. Please feel free to check back to for any further question on firmware upgrade.

You could also reach out to Our customer support team will help you to check on your issue with further assistance.

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Thank you - I’m glad to hear it is being worked on. I look forward to the upgrade.

Thanks for your patience Chell!

Tra quanto tempo verrà rilasciato l’aggiornamento, non sarebbe molto più semplice dare la possibilità di ripristinare il vecchio nel frattempo. Invece di lasciare videocamere non utilizzabili per lo scopo per il quale sono state acquistate…

We have had the cameras installed for 2 days now at night it takes a video every 5minutes no motion in the video people are breaking into our cars that’s why we got them having to look threw mass amounts a video is not what I want to do every morning at this point I feel like standing out side all night would be more effective than these cameras what is the return policy ? I’ve read through other comments and it seems like this is not uncommon at all and the netvue response is always the same working on firmware this was a waste of money time and aggrevation!!!

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Is there an ETA on the firmware release? I’m on the fence as to whether or not this camera is going to work out for me, and I need to act quickly.

I have opted to return this camera. For a home security camera, motion detection is vital. And from the lack of either an answer as to the ETA on the firmware fix or an actual firmware upgrade being delivered, I doubt it is going to be fixed anytime soon. It’s too bad, because the less important features are really good.

Got the 1585 firmware update on one camera and now the recording no longer works. 1557 worked fine and is still on my other camera. For the love fix the latest firm ware.

Hello Netvue Community,

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Please note that our Development Team have been working on the firmware issue. However, there are many reasons for motion detection not working properly - your device setting, motion alert sensitivity, or the motion itself.

Our recommendation for you to deal with your device motion alert issue is to reach out our Customer Support Team for individualized solution. You could reach them either via email - or via instant message chat on

Hope this helps with all your questions.

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