Missing QR sticker

My camera was acting up so i went and deleted it from my app not realizing the qr code on the back was missing and I don’t have the paperwork with the device id is there anything else I can do to reconnect my camera.

Hi Lacee,

Thanks for your question.

Following is the instruction on how to reconnect to your camera, please follow it carefully and feel free to email hi@netvue.com or reply here for any further questions.

  1. In your Netvue App, please connect your camera as usual.

  2. When you enter the page “Scan Device QR Code”, please click on “Enter device ID manually” and then enter 16 digits randomly. Please take a screenshot of the 16 digits you enter in this step for future reference.

  3. Finish setup your device following the app instruction by connecting to Wi-Fi.

After you finish all these steps, please email hi@netvue.com with a quick brief on your issue, your email address, and also a screenshot of your 16 digits device ID. Our development team will help you to check on your device and help you to reconnect to it.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team