Latest update completely broken on Android 12

Latest update does not work with Android 12. Only can live view. App works fine on IpadOS.

Ich habe folgende Probleme mit der App im Android 12:

  • keine Einstellung in der Kamera möglich
  • SD Karte wird nicht erkannt
  • Wiederholungen können nicht abgespielt werden

Mit einen anderen Android funktionieren die Kameras gut.

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Have all these issues too.


Nothing is working on android 12 except live view.

Can you please fix it asap ?

Thank you

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Sent email to netvue support, no response at all. Bought 8 netvue cameras, after upgrade, app not responding except live.


Just had a chat with support. They assured me there are no issues. When I addressed this, he ended the chat. No apology. No timeline. Essentially hung up on me.

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Just had a chat with support. Now they acknowledge there is a comparability issue with Android12 / pixel phones and the netvue app. No timeline in a fix, but developers are working on it. They are offering 1 month cloud storage for free if you are willing to provide a payment card details.

I chose not to give card details for a free offering when I have no intention in using cloud after the app is fixed…

Even offered a refund of all the cameras I have which I thought was a little extreme.

Welcome to Netvue folks! They are notorious for not fully beta testing updates prior to release. Don’t worry, if enough users complain, they’ll get around to it.

Maybe this can help Issue with App closing down

Hi friends!

Thanks for sharing your product issue here.

This app issue has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you. Please upgrade your app to the latest version to see if it starts to work properly.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team