Issues with camera

I have had my camera several months right now. I am experiencing a problem with the camera not getting live connection nor am I getting any videos or notifications. I have reset the camera I have rebooted the camera I have checked camera sensitivity I am connected to the Wi-Fi with a strong connection. I’ve done everything I can do but I still cannot get any live feed or videos. I’m also have a foggy screen. The blue light is on the camera. It sometimes goes off but comes back on and once again, I have rebooted and reset it numerous times but still not getting any live feed. What else can I try?

Been having the same issues and have tried everything. Im thinking of switching to ring because it barely works and i cant watch the videos because they wont “download” . I loved it when i first got it so im hoping customer service will help

I was able to get mine to work for a few days. Now back to the same issues. No videos, no notifications, not taking any pictures at all. I am very disappointed because I have enjoyed. But to not last even six months; not worth the money my daughter spent for my gift.