Issue with App closing down

There seems to be an issue with your App at the moment. I am unable to delete any of my past recordings and when I try, the App just closes down. This is happening on all 3 of my cameras. The error message I am getting is that the App has a bug and to try again when the developer has resolved the issue. Please could you let me know when this will happen, as it’s becoming very frustrating.

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I have a similar issue, my phone has just updated to Android 12, now the app keeps crashing every time I try to live view a camera and also if I click on live chat.

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Me too.
I have an android phone and today trying to record live video or clicking the chat for support or the phone call support button ends up with app crashing and closing.
I think there’s been an update on the cameras?
One of my cameras is in another location with different broadband so it’s definitely Netvue.
I’ve emailed Netvue no answer yet.
BTW I’ve just checked my android phone is using 11 so not android problem.

I’ve just received my 1st camera from netvue & I can’t set up as app closes down!

Not impressed so far.

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Same here. I cannot connect to live streaming because app crashes. It works only when my phone uses WiFi. Chat app doesn’t work either.
Android 12 and latest netvue app version

same here live feed only works if my phone is connected to wifi, anyone got idea what is going on? btw i have android phone a samsung my wife’s has an iphone and with no problem and i notice most of you has an android phone with this issues

I agree with you, it appears to only be on Android. I have also emailed Netvue Support asking for this to be looked at urgently, I have had no response from them yet though.

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My app netvue shot down when connect 4 G - only work with wifi

Hi guys, got it solved thanks to the chat support.
They have told me to uninstall the app and then install it from this link

They are supposed to release an official android version in two days .

It solved my problems with 4g crashing the app when open the live video.
Now I’m also able to use other functions like chat from update camera firmware.

Hope it helps

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I’ve got this email, haven’t tried the the link above to reinstall the app yet and I’m not in my house to try the other suggestion but it may help others?

We are very sorry for inconvenience this has brought to you. It’s a known issue. We’re doing updates to add features on our Netvue system. Could you please try to reboot the device physically through unplug and plug back in? Press the reset WIFI configuration button 5 times. If it does not fix the issue, please have the app uninstalled from the phone and have it reinstalled again to clear everything up. Please have patience for today until 3AM. If you still encounter the problem tomorrow, please reply to this email.
The 3.a.m is their time i think

Yes he is right! got mine working but just to let you all know once its downloaded it will not install right away you have to go to your download files in your phone then you will see the file tap on that file then it will ask you if you want to install it, so far this version seems better than the old one seems more responsive. :facepunch: THANK YOU! for sharing this! now I can sleep HAHAHAHA!

Thank you for sharing solved the problem

Thanks so much for sharing this link, I am now back up and running too.

I’ve downloaded the app on the link above and it will now record live motion but it’s too quick… so the replay is counting the seconds quicker then in real life if that makes sense. Any one else with this problem?

Hadn’t noticed that before, but yes I am getting exactly the same thing.

I’ve tried to go on the chat rather than email to get help with the speed of recordings but app still crashing even though I’ve downloaded new version as per link above.
Can everyone else access chat button without app crashing? So frustrating!

App work after installing from the link 2 days later it crashed again so i uninstall and reinstall from link and worked again hope i wont be doing this every 2 days lol

Yeah you are right, the app I sent fully worked but now it fails again. Live streaming closes the app. Chat still works.
I’ll contact them again today via chat.
Also notice that if I switch from WiFi to 4G I cannot move the camera.
Many problems unfortunately

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Hi, I’m back with good news.
As you know, to make it work, I uninstalled latest version and install 5.20.4.
It failed again today but I realised this is because my app was automatically updated again to 5.21!!
Spoke with support and they told me to install again 5.20.5(slightly different) and it work.
They also told me next week they will deliver 5.22

Excellent, thank you for sharing. I am all setup and seem to be working ok (again).