Introducing Birdfy: The First Auto AI Recognition Bird Feeder Camera

Hey Netvue friends! If you still remember #CaughtOnNetvue.

We have created some cool stuff for you —

Back in early 2020, the Netvue team started to form and develop the idea of the Birdfy. It is a solid fact that the current solution in the market for bird-watching cameras is not good enough. We wanted to explore more possibilities around it.

Our initial idea was to generate a much better AI-driven smart camera product that will help the bird-lover community to better catch the moments of birds.

With further and deeper research on birds’ behavior, we then came up with the idea to combine the bird feeder with our AI-driven smart camera.

Introducing Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam: The World First Auto AI Recognition Smart Bird Feeder Camera

Just launched on Kickstarter for your fantastic birdwatching experience :baby_chick::penguin::bird:

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:face_with_monocle:6000+ Species of Birds Recognition

With the AI recognition feature on Netvue Cloud, Birdfy Cam recognizes more than 6000 species of birds and sends real-time notifications via the Netvue app.

Clicking on the real-time notifications, you will then access more introduction of the captured species with rich Wikipedia information. From the event history list of the Netvue app, you can also replay all the captured moments of the birds as images or videos.

Are you interested in learning about how the bird AI recognition feature works?

We have created this cool demo for you to try out. Upload images of your lovely birds #CaughtOnNetvue and identify the species now!

Also have to mention that Birdfy is able to detect and identify the coming birds for you automatically!

Try it out here -


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:eyes:1080P FHD & 135 Degree Wide View Angle

The widest angle of the Birdfy Cam is 135-degree. Generally, the live streaming view within this view angle might have some distortions on the corners or edges.

However, with the special design of the lens on Netvue Birdfy Cam, you will see the lovely bird moments without any distortion in the live streaming.

Capturing everything with a resolution of 1080P full HD, Birdfy Cam presents every moment of birds for you.

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Congrats Peter becoming our first beta user receiving Birdfy! We are so glad to hear this positive feedback on the product. Hope you enjoy the new birdwatching journey with #NetvueBirdfy. :bird::bird::bird:

If you are also a bird lover, please check out our recent launch on Kickstarter - Birdfy: The First Auto AI Recognition Bird Feeder Camera by Netvue — Kickstarter

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What is the biggest struggle with normal bird feeder?

The squirrels!!! :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

Netvue Birdfy Smart Bird Feeder Cam helps you to keep the squirrels away with white light, sirens, or 2-way audio.

More friendly to your lovely coming birds :wink:

Check it out on Kickstarter!


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