Instruction On How To Receive Notification Properly👇

Hi Netvue Friends!

Thanks so much for your feedback on push notifications. We have explained this update a couple of times previously but it seems like we have not done the best job.

Please see the following instruction to see if you could recover your notifications setting as what you are looking for:

  1. Go the the “Motion Detection Settings”

  2. Check the “Cool Down Time” to make sure it has been set up properly

  3. In “Alert Setting”, please check to make sure you have turned on the “Motion Alert”

  4. In “Motion Alert Filter”, please make sure you have selected “All motions”

After you have checked on all these settings in the Netvue app, and also make sure your app is granted with notification on your phone, you should be receiving notifications properly.

If you still encounter the same issue, please get in touch with our customer support team for further solutions via or instant message on

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

If we have to have “All Motions” selected for motion detection to work, why do the other options even exist?


These instructions do not work. I have done all of this and double checked them. The option to set “cool down time” to 0 does not exist - a message pops up when I choose 0 and save, saying it’s only an option with the cloud event video recording account.

I have used Netvue cameras for years and just purchased all newer models only to be told that to get push notifications I must also now pay for the subscription. This makes my cameras useless to me.

I am not pleased in the least and will return the cameras to Amazon unless this is resolved. I will also write product reviews making it clear to potential customers that the cameras are useless unless you’re willing to have your videos saved to some cloud servers in goodness knows whose controls.



I have tried all this but i still dont get a notification by sound just a quite notification, do u have buy for us to get a noise notification???

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This is happening with all 6 of my netvue cameras. 5 cameras are on a subscription. All have SD cards in them which have been correctly formatted. I have tried multiple ways to achieve only receiving human motions alerts. But it isn’t possible. Why isn’t it possible if there is an AI special detection? Obviously, I think, this needs to be readdressed by the coders. I will either get no alerts or alerts all throughout the night which constantly wakes me up. Is this being fixed? If not I would like to return all my cameras and get a refund on my subscription for false advertising. Please advise.

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I was finally able to get my notification to work by unchecking “All Motions” and checking the “All Other Motions”. Additionally, I have Animals and Birds checked.

But I still get no AI telling me the bird species. I purchased a month of the Netvue Protect, and still no AI. I purchased two of these and if I had known the AI doesn’t work, I would have bought one of the other ones on the market.

I get the notifications, but when I select one it ALWAYS states ‘download failed’ and to click confirm. It says to check my network. But my network is fine because I can open the app and view the 10 second video file. I also get no option for bird species information, which I believe is because the notifications do not work correctly.