I share Bird Camera

How do I stop someone from using my bird cam that I shared a QR with?

Hi, there,
Please go to the camera’s setting in APP, find Share, and then long press the device information you shared. The device you shared will be removed.

No. This unfortunately does not work.

Hi there.
On my iPhone app - if I go into the sharing screen , then under where it says Shared to:
netvue_ xXxxxXxxxxx (random letters/number) — swipe left on that and then a red Delete button pops up … so then I would click that. (I haven’t clicked on the Delete button).
Did you get the Delete button and press it – if so but it didn’t work - let me know and I will press it on mine to see if it works there.
Hopefully your App is the latest version. (although I’m sorry I couldn’t find how to check which version - my iPhone is set to update all apps automatically or at least seems to do it that way).
Hope that helps - let me know if you want me to delete my share to check if it works as I am sure I can re-add it.

Hi. I pressed as indicated and swiped with no reaction

OK … you shouldn’t need to ‘press’ - just swipe it to the left … and then the Delete button popped up ready to be clicked on.
Are you using on iOS or Android? (maybe it’s different on Android) …
My only other suggestion would be to delete / remove the camera from your account and then re-add it (might work - but not sure if it would keep the share or not)… Sorry that’s all I can think of to try otherwise.

Hi again. I deleted last Friday and reloaded the app. I can’t swipe or press hold. There is no pop up/ delete button.I am IOS. Thanks. I am waiting to here back from Netvue.

Hi again. Sorry to hear that didn’t work … have you tried the support / Live Chat within the App?
If you click on the bottom right (person icon) – then Support → there are a few options that way including Live Chat.
I t
I just tried it and I was number 1 in the queue and had a response within a minute :wink: maybe try that – it even asks you which device you want help with before starting the chat so all the code bits are probably sent so you don’t need to copy them hopefully :slight_smile: I’d give that a go :wink:
Best of luck :slight_smile:

That is a good idea. I have been trying to resolve this issue for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the time I needed has passed. I am a biology teacher and my trouble shooting days have come to a close for extra curriculum.
Thanks for responding. I do appreciate it.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Hope you get it sorted when you get time in the future :slight_smile:
Best wishes :slight_smile:

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
Would you mind sending me a short video of how you did? Sorry, we haven’t met this issue yet, I am afraid I need to forward your video to our engineer.


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