Human Detection Subscription

Since customer service doesn’t seem to know the answer as to why I can’t subscribe to Human Detection maybe someone here can help me.

I have subscribed to the Video Recording in order to be able to subscribe to Human Detection. Customer Service sent me a link to finally subscribe to Human Detection however I have 4 cameras. The link only will let me subscribe 1 camera! How can I get all 4 subscribed?

I have the Vigil cameras.

You need to subscribe each vigil cam individually. The human detection subscription doesn’t have a plan for multiple devices.

How do I sign up each camera for human detection? The link that was sent to me only allows me to sign up 1 camera. –

I wouldn’t bother . It doesnt pick up humans every time . Mine picks up car headlights more than humans and they aren’t even in the detection zone .
I unsubscribed still have motion detection but even that is random and like I said I get more car headlights from across the street than eanything else

They mess up there detection on the latest patch before the update I was getting people even walking on the sidewalk now it won’t even pick up even if I’m standing in front of the camera.

Mine never detects people. Just cars!

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I guess I won’t bother then. I’ll keep the event recording and leave it at that.

This is ridiculous! And from what others are saying it doesn’t even work like it should!

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Detection of any kind does not function at all, regardless of subscription. This company should be ashamed of themselves to promote this product as a service. How embarrassing.

Update to my previous entry, the reason motion detection does not function properly is the motion detection options previously available (motion categories such as human, pet etc.) has been updated and now requires a service subscription. So if you have any selections in that section, try to go back in and save as-is, and you cannot unless you pay money. Feature previously accessible and is now pay only, I revised the setting to “all” and notifications returned. Still scummy to take away an option and be required to pay. I do not like it.

Latest update deletes event recordings every 12hrs, unable to turn off, when I emailed re this they sent me, AN ADVERT FOR CLOUD STORAGE !! I don’t need cloud I have 132 gb, if I could access it sensibly !!!

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Hi friends,

Thanks so much for all your product discussion and feedback.

We have recently launched Netvue AI Skills which include detection for both indoor & and outdoor events. We would recommend you to check it out here - Cloud Storage Camera | Security Camera with Free Cloud Storage – netvue

And for the issue you mentioned above related to the detection accuracy. First of all, we are glad that you could point out the issues so we can gain the opportunity to grow from there. Secondly, please feel free to report all the mis-recognition, or mis-detection moment to We’d love to collect all your feedback, which you can all submit from the Netvue app and we will improve our AI algorithm from there.

We’d also love to share with you the basic logic of the AI recognition process - after your Netvue device capture the moments of humans or specific events for detection, the algorithm will analyze the object mainly based on the shape to identify the closed detected result. The accuracy of human detection is about 96%.

At this moment, all the AI Skill feature are separated from the basic feature line of the Netvue devices. Even though you decide not to purchase the feature, all of your Netvue devices will work properly as a smart security camera with advanced quality. Only if you are interested in exploring further on the AI features, you may need to spend extra on your Netvue devices.

Hope this explanation makes more sense to you all, my friends :nerd_face:

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions in this forums or email us via

Netvue Marketing Team

Mines the same, defeats the object really!