Human Detection Service

hello, I have a problem with my subscription.
I‘ve completed the subscription for TWO cameras, but it’s only working on the front door camera not on the other one! The recognition of people cannot be turned on on the terrace camera (Lab function can not be turned on) Why?

That’s very annoying! There’s every time another problem with the cameras! My Mother has the same problem, she only has one camera and this one doesn’t even recognize the subscription!


Hi Sabrina,

I noticed that you’ve only subscribed event video recording, is it working well?

The free human detection on the lab feature only support Orb Cam and Home Cam now. If you are using other cameras, this feature can not be turned on.

But you can subscribe Human Detection in Netvue Protect Plan. It supports all cameras and have higher accuracy.

Your mom’s subscription:
The device need to be activated after subscribing, please check in the “subscription detail page”-“activated devices”. If this issue still exist, please send your mom’s account or device ID to for checking.

Netvue Team

Does that mean I have to buy human recognition separate?
Then why is it just the possibility to buy this for one device, not for two? or should this be paid per cam separately? but then I pay you 100 € a year for the cameras like this?
I have a Vigil cam and a Sentry Pro cam therefore, the function must be possible on both.! The Sentry Pro says it‘s on but nothing‘s happening !

Dear customer,

If the device does not support free human detection on lab feature, then yes, you must subscribe human detection service to enable this feature. And yes you have to paid separately, you need to subscribe 2 basic plan of human detections service for your 2 cameras. And the price is USD29.99/year per device. This service requires a lot of artificial intelligence calculations and development, so we cannot provide you with bundle deal.

There will always be “Human alert only” in the setting page, but please note the note blow:
it says “This option only supports devices that have subscribed to human detection service or enabled human detection in lab feature.”