How to remove feeder from mount

Hi. Just got a new feeder; installed it but now we want to move it. What is the trick to remove the bird feeder. I see the tab to pull up and push, but it is not moving…. Any ideas?

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We have the same issue - my husband is afraid his bear paws hands will break it - NOT easy to slide back off of mount - will follow to see if you get a response

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There is a trick to it. It has to be rotated so the feeder is aligned straight on with the mounting bracket. Then the slide button on the bottom will slide toward the back and release the feeder. I hope this helps.

Hi, did you get this to work? I can’t remove for love nor money👎

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Please view the video I attached.


I can’t get it off the mount either despite watching the video. Is there any easier way?

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Me too. Badly bruised my finger trying to get feeder off bracket.

Thx so much. This was very helpful

Yes, you have to push the button underneath to the back while sliding the feeder forward. You have to push the button alot harder than you think!

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I watched the video and still can’t get the feeder off…

My button was stuck. It was all the way back. Then I forcibly moved feeder from side to side and it came off. Now it’s in my sink so I can clean it.

Watched the video and it affirmed that I was doing it correctly. Too much bird seed stuck around the base so am cleaning it now. Thanks for sharing this.