How to Change Your Password in the App

I wanted to change my password because I got a notice it was compromised. I was so frustrated because I could not find anywhere in the app to change it. I finally found it by swiping around in the person icon (bottom right) of the app, then on that page there is no obvious password or security button, which is moronic. Swipe right and then you’ll see options for email, payment and PASSWORD. I found it completely by accident, not that they made it easy.

Who designed this app? Geez, what a pain! Nothing is intuitive here. I’m coming off the great app blackout of January 2022 where version 5.20.5 broke everyone’s live views when not on home wifi. I had been frozen out of the app for 5 days before I had to manually install the prior version. Meanwhile they are leaving the broken version up to make sure everyone updates to it and can’t use it. Way to go Netvue!

I’m overall not happy with this entire ecosystem. I have 5 cameras and cloud recording for two of them, only because I never could get the sd cards to work right with the cameras. I think after my cloud subscription is over, I’ll switch these out for a more reputable brand.

Hi friend,

Thanks for sharing your product feedback.

Please log out of the Netvue account that you are using. And follow the screenshots below to re-set your password. Hope this helps:

Thanks so much for your patience.

Netvue Marketing Team