How do I increase video length

How do i increase the video detection length. 10 seconds is not enough. Thank you.

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I would like this changed as well.


Hi, there,
If you want to increase video length, you need to subscribe to the Event recording service, it has up to 24 seconds.


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Why do I need to subscribe if i want the camera i bought to make a video? I put a SD-card in the camera, i dont need no cloud space of yours, just let me use the camera i gave you money for.


I agree. Seems a bit of a swiz


Same remark… We should be able to decide which length to register. I already have a lot of clouds I don’t need an other one. The fact regarding the poor length of registration on the SD CARD should be mentioned on the description of the bird feeder. If I had known that I would not have bought this item. It’s a client misleading!


24seconds a not enough time

10 seconds or 24 seconds. this birdify package is a total scam. you are focused on generating revenue screams from what any reasonable person would expect from a camera with a sdd card installed.

Fix this or in a few months I will spend serious time warning the internet about your scammy operation.

Game on mfers.

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I agree, it’s very disappointing. This should be a basic feature. Even if you pay for the subscription model, it should record the whole duration!

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