Home Assistant Netvue Integration


I (*among many others) would just like to find out if anyone has previously connected a Netvue camera device to Home Assistant.

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No, pregunte a Netvue si se podria para homebridge, tampoco tienen plugin, no creo que lo saquen tampoco

Hi Friends,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We will take it into consideration for next round of product innovation. Please check back later for more updates.

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Hi everyone,

i need to integrate my OrbCam with home assistant.
@netvue do you have in plan to develop this? There are the api for this purpose?


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Thanks for your question.

We will take it into consideration for our next round of product development.


Yeah there are thousands of users on the Home assistant platform.

Netvue you are missing out!

I have one of your cameras and if I could Integrate into Home assistant I would like to buy more!

And I’m definitely not the only one.

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Hi friend,

Thanks for your feedback.

We will forward this feature request to our product team. Please feel free to check back later for any further updates.

Netvue Marketing Team


Is there any news about this topic?

I am very interesting on integrate mu Netvue cameras on Home Assistant. I need to buy 2 more cameras but only if there are compatible with Home Assistant.

Thank you.


There is no news about this topic. Are you working on this new feature?



I have a suggestion that may fit better with your business model than simply “give me integration with the home automation platform of my choice”

I suggest you create an api which would allow anyone to subscribe to notifications, regularly updated still images, and movement notifications (or even live video) BUT you make the operation of this api conditional upon having a netvue protect plan.

I currently rely on SD cards for recording, but I believe I could be persuaded to subscribe to a protect plan (and even increase my current number of netvue cameras) for the ability to stream live video and motion alerts directly from the camera into home assistant. This is nothing more than you already allow Amazon Alexa to do for free - but it would bring in additional revenue.

I hope this is something you may be able to progress with


I also use Home Assistant and would like to buy more cameras, but sadly you don’t give out RTSP info.
I’ll have to purchase a different brand camera that works with Home Assistant.


Buonasera, mi aggrego alla richiesta di rendere compatibili le videocamere con home assistant. Ormai sono diversi mesi che fate promesse mai mantenute, probabilmante non è un vostro interesse soddisfare questa esigenza. Mi spiace fare questa segnalazione ma da un marchio come il vostro non mi aspettavo un atteggiamento simile. Vi porgo i più coridiali saluti.

Seriously? Can you provide an update?

I’m very interested to the topic of connecting Netvue camera devices to Home Assistant. @netvue do you have in plan to develop this feature and when?


@netvue can you please provide an update?

Hey Netvue, would you at least say you don’t have plans of letting us use your cameras and RTSP? At least get it out in the open so people aren’t disappointed after purchase. Your company will be better off in the long-run if you’re honest about it. You won’t make as many people mad if it’s known up-front that there’s no option of RTSP.

Hi friends!

Thanks so much for all your feedback.

We have checked with our product team - unfortunately, this integration might not be taken as our high priority at this moment.

We understand your need of integration. We’d also love to provide as many new features as possible. In this case, we need to make sure the most significant feature is developed first. No worries…some more new features and cool integration will be released soon to our Netvue community. This integration request will also stay on our note in the future.

Thanks again for all your patience and kindly support! We really appreciate all your feedback on product innovation. This helps us to become a better smart home solution for you for the long term.

All the Best,
Netvue Marketing Team

This integration is of course not a high priority for them because HomeAssistant encourages privacy and DIY. But this cameras are just made for cloud services that nobody needs and they won’t work without. Because they were designed this way.

The core of all of these App-Locked-Cameras is a standard IP-Camera Hardware but they removed the IP-Camera capabilities (that is exactly what you look for: use the camera via IP protocol with any app, dashboard or HomeAssistant)

You say “IP-Camera” everywhere but you lie and you know that. It’s not an IP Camera. Here’s a definition:

An Internet Protocol camera , or IP camera , is a type of [digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an [IP network]. They are commonly used for [surveillance] but unlike analog closed-circuit television cameras, they require no local recording device, only a [local area network] Most IP cameras are webcams, but the term IP camera or netcam usually applies only to those that can be directly accessed over a network connection, usually used for surveillance.

How can I access my Netvue cam over my local area network? I mean you can’t even use this without an internet-connection! This is not a Security Camera. This is a Security problem for sure! All of the features are purely software-based so you don’t need this blackbox device. Any camera that is compatible with standard IP protocol can be extended with such features by just using the software that can provide it.

Just buy a “real” IP-camera for a little more money and then your options are limitless. You can use it with Alexa, you can use it with any software you like. And with Homeassistant you can even access it remotely but without a useless vendor lock cloud bullshit. Stop wasting this planets resources if you can’t make something useful.


I guess he is right , or do you want to show us that your cameras can do more than be a „cloudcam“?

So I just purchased two ip cameras that are locked to NetVue’s crappy cloud software too. All I want is the rtsp url so that I can use it in my Digital Watchdog software on my server not this hoky consumer grade phone software.

I’ll reverse engineer the traffic with Wireshark then and never buy another Netvue product.