HELP PLEASE!Firmware update 1634

Help please!!!
it is a real disaster the firmware of my 3 orbcam pro cameras has been upgraded to 1634 and I cant longer access any of them through my alexa echo show, I could see them without problems when the firmware version was 1606 and as they were updated I stopped seeing them in alexa echo show help please I use the cameras as surveillance of a sick elderly person if I can not see them through alexa I will return them all and I will buy a simple baby monitor, this can not be we should have the option to upgrade or not the firmware because this is a real disaster tell me if you can return to firmware 1606 or if you will fix the problem with the current version of the firmware.

the camera ids are :


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Porfavor a mi me pasa lo mismo alguien sabe como volver al firmware 1606

I had the same issue but with Vigil cameras. What worked for me was removing the cameras from Alexa, disabling the Netvue Skill, renabling it / relinking accounts and then letting Alexa discover them again. Hope this helps.

thank you so much iwill try