#GotMyBirdfy | How is Your Experience?

Dear Birdfy Backer,

Hope you have received your Birdfy or are receiving your Birdfy soon!

If you have any questions, please check out the Birdfy Installation video or feel free to let us
know here or via email hi@netvue.com.

In the meantime, we’d like to invite you to join the #GotMyBirdfy event:

  1. Please share the pictures/videos of Birdfy or caught on Birdfy to any social media - @netvue & #GotMyBirdfy.
  2. Then you will automatically become eligible for a 1-year warranty extension for free!

Have fun with your Birdfy! :partying_face:

All the Best,
Netvue Marketing Team

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Hi all. I just got my Birdfy installed and so far it looks OK - I updated the firmware to the latest version offered and I’m now waiting for some birds (or anything) to visit. I popped some bird seeds in but I expect it might take a while for the birds to pop along. There are plenty of birds around so hopefully they will come take a look soon and then I can share some pictures :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Our first visitor recorded today. It didn’t recognize the bird (or didn’t tell me) - I am sure this is a Blue Tit but perhaps there is another name for it.

Either way I shared today on FB with both hashtags. #GotMyBirdfy and #caught-on-netvue

I also tried to upload one frame of the photo where the bird is shown to this page:-


But it said … ‘Woops – it might not be a bird’ – :slight_smile: Hopefully the recognition will improve.

I’m looking forward to seeing more birds and more improvements :slight_smile:

Happy New Year everyone!

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Hi Gene,

Awww! Thanks so much for sharing! :star_struck:

Look forward to learning more about your #GotMyBirdfy experience.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hi again :slight_smile:

I got LOTS of videos captured yesterday (only day 3 of having the Birdfy in my garden). I have shared them to my facebook with the same tags and I made a separate album there to store them.

The AI has also started working showing the names of birds :slight_smile: So far so good :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to more again today!

Thanks again,


Extremely disappointed. The camera goes to off-line status 80% of the time. I’ve spent more time reconfiguring and reconnecting than I have actually watching the birds. I am using 2.4 G Internet. The Internet box is right beside the window where the feeder is near. I’m doing everything correctly. Status is still off-line. I was told that it could reconnect anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour. It’s been down for almost 3 hours now. Not happy at all. Requesting refund.


I want this to work SO BADLY, but it’s just not ready for prime time I’m afraid. Camera continuously disconnects from wifi (with good signal strength) forcing you to restart the camera…only to disconnect again 30 minutes later. Lather, rinse, repeat. What fun is that?

I wish it would stayed connected for 5 minutes. I am constantly re-connecting manually. Distance to the router is 10 feet. No other problems with other 2.6 devices. How do you go about requesting a refund as this device is not ready for public use?

Got my first bird. I heard there was AI in this to help ID the bird but i got nothing - weird

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Your bird appears to be a White-winged Dove

My experience so far has been abysmal. I, along with many others in the facebook group, seem to have a camera that will not recharge after using it one time. NO customer support, NO response to facebook messages, NOTHING. This is a known problem and they are not addressing it. Total SCAM


Hi, Nancy,
Really sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Please make sure there is a solid yellow status light on the camera when charging. If the yellow light is on but camera is not charging, try to reset the camera by pushing the reboot button next to power button on the camera when charging. If there is no yellow light, try to change another power adapter and cable.

Please note the specification of the power adapter should be 5V/1.5A or 5V/1A, and the length of the charging cable should not be too long, generally not longer than 16ft.
Please let me know if it does not work


This doesn’t work! The cameras are faulty.

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The lack of ability to share videos via text on my IPhone is going to force me to disappointedly return this feeder. That is a critical flaw. Other cameras I have have the ability, and others have commented it used to be available. I have even downloaded, edited and re-saved…was just told on support this does not work with iMessage…#Dealbreaker

Hi, there,
If nothing works, please send an email to support@netvue.com with your order information and shipping address, we will send you a new camera as soon as possible.


I’ve been diligent with the bird feeder for 9 weeks now, moved it to 4 different locations. Not one bird…but the squirrels love it. No amount of squirrel alarm or me speaking/shouting through the audio has deterred them. Once I get the activity notification (and it’s always a squirrel) I run out and shoo them away. The charge didn’t last more than two weeks, but I could handle that. I am unable to return the unit as it’s past 30 days. For me, this was a disappointing purchase and waste of money.

Bonjour impossible de regarder les vidéos enregistrées sur la carte sd comment faire merci

You can find some advice of attracting birds:


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