Firware update 1634 orbcam pro and alexa Echo show error

I have 3 orbcampro conected to alexa echo show,and one of this upgrade firmware to 1634 and now i cant see it through alexa echo show .The other 2 cameras that have firmware version 1606 and not upgrade yet are ok and i can see through alexa normaly, I am worried that they will be updated and I will stop seeing them.
Through the original netvue application, without alexa, I can see them although the one that updated the firmware to 1634 disconnects from the wifi constantly.
I have had to disconnect it from the power supply several times because it freezes even in the netvue software and in alexa echo show says that the camera is not coneted, while the others work correctly because they have not been updated, fortunately.

this is the information of camera that fails

id camera 4036503111902543 firmware 1634 email:


Hi friend,

Thanks for posting your question.

Could you please try this solution - removing the cameras from Alexa, disabling the Netvue Skill, re-enabling it / relinking accounts, and then letting Alexa discover them again?

Could you please also try to view your Orb Pro on the web to see if you could access the live streaming over there?

Hope this helps. Please let us know the further results of your device and feel free to pin us here or email us via if you have any further questions.

Netvue Marketing Team

For the third time I have deleted all the cameras, activate the skill and activate it again and I still can’t see the orbcam pro cameras through alexa neither in echo show 10 nor in the mobile app, when I could see them perfect before the update to 1634. If I see them through the netvue web on my devices the problem is with alexa and the netvue skill, but I bought the cameras because they explicitly indicated their compatibility with alexa.

the id of cameras are :