Firmware Update Stuck (1654 to 1735)

I have two(2) Vigil Cams that have been working fine for several years now. One of them has recently updated to the new 1735 firmware and continues to function. The other one will not update and hangs at the 70% mark. I’ve removed the device and re-added it multiple times; I’ve removed the SD card as well.

The issue is that it goes offline every day now, and I think the reason is that it’s trying to auto-update the firmware and hanging…because that’s what it does when I try to manually force the update after rebooting the device. I’m not sure at this point what to do because it’s rendering the device useless if it keeps going offline. Is there a way to tell the device not to update itself?

Suggestions from anyone?

And in case Netvue Tech Support is listening, my Device ID is: 7016485131704033

Hi, there,
Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
I checked that your camera is offline now, could you please try to connect your camera to another wifi or hotspot and then update the firmware again? Most of the reasons that updating failed are connection issues.


Hi, yes, it is back online now…but it will not stay connected for very long. When I try the manual update it immediately goes offline and I have to reboot it.


J’ai exactement le même problèmes.

J’attend avec impatience une réponse a se problèmes.

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Did it get resolve? I have the same issue

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I have the same issue as well.

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Not yet. I’m still waiting on them (Netvue) to either A.) push the update from their end to my camera; B.) tell me that the unit is fried and I should replace it. Either way, every night at around 3 am it goes offline. It’s essentially a paperweight at this point since it won’t stay online.

So as of today, 09/06/2022, I still have no option to keep the camera online. It locks up at 70% during the firmware update (see screenshot below)…it will not stay online for more than 24 hours due to the automatic firmware update feature of the device. At this point, I believe it’s simply time to trash it and replace it with another camera. A true shame. It’s worked fine for years until now. I do not know of a way to load the firmware onto an SD card and manually update the device.

Hi, there,
Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
A follow-up email has been sent to your email, kindly check it. We will replace the camera for you if the order is under warranty.