Firmware update frozen

Same here. Always 0% of download.

hi all I have been having the same issue for days. so frustrating. The update was frozen at 50% and I could not view the camera in app. it said firmware was updating.

however I think I have resolved this after randomly reading this topic Issues w motion not recording

I popped the microSD card out and restarted the camera and it seems fine. Maybe my SD card, which I had actually forgotten I had in there, was full?

posting this in case it helps. Iā€™m now on firmware 1568. yay

Hi @fb_285615 @fuchsiacottageļ¼Œ

Thanks for your patience and kindly support. Could you please try again and see if the update starts to work now?


I tried the [spaceraider] process and they works. Firmware is 1568 but the storage on SD wont works.
I try to format SD with the Orbcam but they reboot and after its not possible to show the card.

Same problem with my two cam (Orbcam and Vigil). I have a Sandisk cards.

Thanks in advance.

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My Home cam updated over night now working on 1568!
I had to reformat the SD card as it was showing as mount failed, now all perfect.
Thank you Netvue for you support.

Hi Fuchisa,

Glad to hear! We are here to help :nerd_face:

Thanks so much for your patience and kindly support!

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Hi, my problems have started again with the update to one of my Vigil cameras id: 7016483411702021
This again is stuck at 50% updating from 1545 to 1568
My other 4 Vigil cameras updated to 1568 with no problems.

Update problem resolved using spaceraider,'s solution, thanks spaceraider!

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Hi Fuchisa,

Thanks for your feedback. We have resent the update invite to your device. Could you please try again and see if it starts to work?

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Hi, Netvue all is working fine now thanks, it updated as soon as I removed the SD card, now replaced and working.
Thanks for your supported

Hi Fuchsia,

Glad to hear it finally works! Thanks so much for your kindly support and patience.

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