Firmware update 1650 to 1735

My orb mini won’t update to the newest firmware. When i try manual it says it failed to connect to the internet. But then i test the wifi connection and it says excellent.

I’ve tried resetting the camera and clearing the cache on the app but it still won’t work. Please advise.

Hi there,
I pushed a firmware update to your camera, it will arrive at midnight, please update the firmware tomorrow.
Go to your camera settings > general > device information > firmware update > press “update firmware”



Thanks. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening. I still get the message that internet connection failed. Please advise.

We got our unit set up yesterday and firmware update fails every time, any insight as to how to get this resolved?

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
We will replace the camera for you if the order is under warranty still.
A follow-up email has been sent, wait for your reply.

Hi, there,
Please try to change to another 2.4g wifi or use a hotspot connection when try updating firmware.
Let me know if it is not working.


I think I have a simmilar problem. Tried to update firmware and progress is stack on 25% (few months ago). Tried to reset, reconnect and many other things, but problem is not solved.
It takes few minutes to get picture, then it froze after few seconds with message “Error loading, tap to retry”.
Device ID is 6516492131212003

Hi, there,
I checked your camera has been updated to the newest firmware.


I am having the same issue with my birdfy camera. Shows an update is available and everytime I try to download it says unable to download and then I retry and have the same issue.

This is a screenshot of a upgrade screen. This is how it looks since I tried to update (months before). Also, since that, camera doesn’t work, most of the time picture is frozen.

Hi, Zoran,
Sorry for the late reply.
I checked your camera has been updated to the newest firmware already.


Hi, there,
Please try to use another 2.4g wifi or hotspot way when updating the firmware to the newest one.