Firmware stuck on 50%

Hello guys I’ve just bout a mini orb and works great however it told me to update the firmware but os stuck on 50% I’ve rebooted my phone and what else can I try thanks

Hi Friend,

Thanks for your question.

Could you please

  1. share with us your full device ID?
  2. maintain your device in online mode?

After we receive your device ID, we will re-send the upgrade request to your account. Please make sure your device is online or we couldn’t send over the request.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hi guys thanks for your reply the device id is
4047503111708693 hope its the right one, and yes I’m leaving it on thankyou

Hi Friend,

We just re-sent the upgrade request to your device. Could you please try to re-start it and see if it starts to work?

Netvue Marketing Team