Firmware 1650 to 1735

I am trying to update the firmware in an outdoor camera from version 1650 to 1735, and when the cursor reaches 70% it stops and does not continue with the process.
The problem is that if I don’t update the firmware when 2:00 AM arrives, it tries to do it automatically and when it doesn’t succeed, it leaves the camera inoperative and I have to configure the Wi-Fi again. So every day.
I have tried restarting the camera and uninstalling and reinstalling it but the problem continues.

I would shut everything down, (camera, internet, router). Wait a minute, turn router on and wait for internet connection to be established. Camera should be brought close to router and then turn on. When it comes on and is connected to your network, then try to download and install the update.

Good luck :+1:

Having had similar connection issues, my suggestion is to reset the camera completely, restart the camera and reinstall your app. Then go through the process of setting up the camera and pairing it with your device again. Took some time, but it took less time than trying to troubleshoot.
Good luck.

My battery is low so turned off automatically