Firmware 1634 it's an update disaster

Please can someone help me one of my three cameras has updated the firmware to 1634 and it is not seen in my alexa camera I would like to be able to go back to 1606 is it possible someone knows how to do it thanks

It is a disaster, its ruined the workings of my netvue belle.
Netvue can’t roll back firmware, they need to do another update

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I feel a lot to hear that you also have problems I did everything they told me, I have reset it, I downloaded the new app, I have removed it from Alexa and I have included it again and there is no way I use it for my very old parents and I’m desperate, let’s see if they help us, thank you so much for telling me I thought it was just me, greetings

I have the same problem I use the cameras to see my mother who is sick and is older and I’m desperate and also I made the investment in alexa to see it as if it were a baby monitor, I got a temporary solution that I do not know if can help you, as I have the echo show 10 I can enter the internet through the amazon silk browser there I connect to the netvue page and in the top right will get an option that is my netvue create an account and from there you can see the cameras, with that option you can also see them from any browser on a PC, is a little more uncomfortable but at least you can solve while they fix the mess of the firmware update 1634, I hope it helps you

oh thank you very much I will try it now when I get home I also have an alexa echoshow 10, it is necessary for me to fix this if so at least I can see it even if it is more uncomfortable it will solve me, because for me it is vital because my mother has Alzheimer’s and tends to Going out on the street I am always nervous because my father cannot follow her anyway I think you understand me I send you a big hug from Spain and a thousand thanks for your help

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