Firmware 1575 is failing

Since firmware 1575 has been released, my cameras are failing!
In the morning I go to review detected motions
And I get the message: No video at this time
May be due to: 1. Video was overwritten due to limited capacity.
2. SD card failure
3. Mount failure.

This happens randomly on 3 of my cameras, therefore it is Not a hardware fault, it Is software.
Please investigate 1575 and release new firmware to correct.


Même problème sur mes 2 caméras…
Mes cartes memoire:

  • se dĂ©montent toutes seules
  • perdent le formatage
  • se bloquent Ă  32k d’utilisation

Bref, inutilisables!

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It’s happened again, this morning I cannot view motion detections.
I have to reformat the SD card, losing all footage, then start again.
Other days it says No SD Card, sometimes turning the power off then back on works.
Other times I have to delete the camera then re-install and start over again.

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Same to me, after update to 1575 i have problems with SD cards, but as you says this is not hardware problem

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I have the same problem with SD Card, cannot mount and i’m not able to formatting.
My device id start with 2032 and firmware version is 1575.

I had problems when they released 1333!
It took weeks of me telling them it was software not hardware, before they did a new firmware release.

The cameras are good :+1:
Their software geeks are not :-1::clown_face:

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Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all your feedback.

The sd card issue with 1575 firmware has been under development process and should be fixed pretty soon. The next round of 1577 firmware will be released soon as well.

Thanks again for all your patience and kind support.

Best Regards,

I bought 3 Purple Western Digital SD for surveillance cam and all 3 cams stop working with this 1575. The rest 4 cams (7076) with normal sd cards are still actively working.

How come a sd that supposedly works fine for this job fails to function properly

When will this be fixed?

It’s been long enough!

Please release a working firmware pdq.

Pete Hart.

Hi Cougthanhgiong,

Thanks for your question and your patience.

Could you please provide more information about your device situation to so we could better assistance you?

Thanks again!
Netvue Marketing Team

Hi Pete,

Thanks for you patience.

Could you please provide more information about your device situation to so we could better assist you?

Best Regards,
Netvue Marketing Team

Continually the camera cannot view footage.
The SD card shows data recorded, it is mounted it is not full, I cannot view.
I have to reformat the SD card, then it will be ok for 24 to 48 hours then fails again.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you please let us know your full device ID so we could help you to check on the issue?

If your device is starting 2034 with 1575 firmware, this issue is fixed. The latest firmware update will be released after we finished the internal test. Please feel free to email for further information for the firmware update.

Netvue Marketing Team

As requested:


It most definitely is not fixed.


Pete Hart.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback.

This issue has been fixed but have not been released for public upgrade. At this point, we are running internal test. After we finished the internal test, we will release it for the public.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing

:rage: My camera is now notifying me every 5 minutes on night mode!! No movement.

Yep, mine doing the same, even with 1577 firm ware, will format and mount sd card, then stops after 12 hrs, plenty of space left on card.

Come on netvue, sort it out!

Hi Tattooshel,

Thanks for your feedback.

From your description, it seems like your device is set with high sensitivity level. Please try to decrease the sensitivity level and see if the issue is solved. You could find more information related to this setting from here -

Hope this helps. If this issue is still happening, please email for further assistance on your device.

Best Regards,
Netvue Marketing Team

Hi friend,

Thanks for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused to you.

Could you please provide your full device ID and also some screenshots of your device situation to so we could better assist you?

Best Regards,
Netvue Marketing Team

Updated to firmware 1585, and still it fails.