Factory Reset Birdfy

I’m looking for help doing a factory reset on Birdfy camera. I pressed what I thought was the reset button (little hole / push with paper clip) for 30 seconds but it only powers the camera off and on again.

May I have more information about the issue? To reset your camera,it is correct to push the reset hole.
If your camera goes offline, please turn off the camera by pressing the power button for 3 seconds and then turn it on again . The camera will reconnect automatically. If it does not work, try to push the reboot hole next to the power button with a pin to hard reset your camera.
If you need to remove the camera from your account, you need to delete the camera in your APP.


They don’t tell you this anywhere, but your are going to have to delete the camera from your account and the accounts of all the people who share the camera with. Then you will have to go through the whole setup process again on your account and then got through the whole process of sharing the camera again with everyone. Plan on using about an hour of your time after spending an hour looking for any instructions online.