Explanation and solution of SD card issues

Hello everyone,

Recently, we have received some SD card problems encountered by our users. We take this very seriously. After investigation, the SD card issues may have the following reasons:

Q: The SD card was originally used normally, but suddenly it failed to mount and needs to be formatted repeatedly?

Reason 1. SD card quality issues:

If the quality of the SD card itself is poor, or does not reach the Class-10 level, or the inner size is too small, the SD card may be vulnerable. As the usage time increases, the storage effect of the SD card will get worse and worse, and problems such as inability to write or mount may occur.


  • Buy a well-known brand SD card
  • Make sure the standard is at least Class-10
  • Make sure the memory is at least 32GB (supports up to 128GB).

Reason 2. Firmware problem:

To let Cameras work stably 24 hours a day, we must have a perfect equipment operation mechanism. Among them, when the device has some problems, the device may automatically restart. Normally, the device will return to normal in no time.

But for some devices (mainly devices whose Device ID starts with 2034 and 7016), if the SD card is activated, restarting the device may cause the SD card to fail to mount, so you will see that the SD card no longer records, and may need to be reformatted.


Update on February 8 : the internal test has passed, and now the public test of firmware 1568 has begun. If your device ID is “2034” or “7016” and want to join the test, please send an email to hi@netvue.com

Original text on February 4:
In this regard, we have taken urgent firmware optimization. Currently, the latest firmware developed is under internal testing;

If your Device ID starts with 2034 or 7016 and you want to join the test, please send an email to hi@netvue.com. After the internal test, we will invite you to join the firmware test.

After all tests are completed, we will gradually release it to users for updates.

Q: The correct way to insert SD card?

  1. Make sure there is nothing in the SD card that you need to backup
  2. Cut off your device power
  3. Insert SD Card (Class-10; 32-128GB)
  4. Connect Power
  5. Access"Replay" page of your device, you might need to format it

Q: No card is displayed in the APP after it is inserted?

  1. Make sure you’ve insert the SD card correctly according to the above process
  2. Power off and restart the camera
  3. If still fill, try again with another SD card

Q: Frame skipping when playing SD card recordings?

Your SD card has been used for too long or the quality is too poor. Please replace with a new high-quality SD card (Class-10; 32-128GB)

Q: No video has been recorded to SD card?

  1. Make sure you’ve access the right page (replay page) on Netvue App to watch recorded videos.
  2. If you just inserted the SD card, the device may not start recording, please wait 10 minutes and check again.
  3. Access “Micro SD Card” page in the device settings to check the remaining space. If the memory is too small, please replace the SD card; if there are other files in your card, please format it.

Q: SD card recording time?

SD card usage time:

The quality of the SD card and the number of reads and writes will affect the life of the SD card.
SD card maximum write data volume (GB) = capacity (GB) x theoretical maximum write times (500-1000)

SD card recording time:

To record 1 hour of video, requires about 600M of memory.
The maximum recording time of an SD card = capacity (GB) x theoretical maximum write times (500-1000) / 0.6

Capacity GB Actual capacity GB Recordable video duration (hours) Lower recordable duration (hours) Maximum recordable duration (hours) Lower recordable duration (days) Upper recordable duration (days) Recommended Duration (days)
8 7.5 12.4 6208.8 12417.6 258.7 517.4 207.0
16 14.9 24.8 12417.6 24835.3 517.4 1034.8 413.9
32 29.8 49.7 24835.3 49670.5 1034.8 2069.6 827.8
64 59.6 99.3 49670.5 99341.1 2069.6 4139.2 1655.7
128 119.2 198.7 99341.1 198682.1 4139.2 8278.4 3311.4
256 238.4 397.4 198682.1 397364.3 8278.4 16556.8 6622.7
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We are happy to inform: the internal test has passed, and now the public test of firmware 1568 has begun.

If your device ID is “2034” or “7016” and want to join the test, please send an email to hi@netvue.com.

Netvue Team

In reality there are only 3 well known manufacturers of as card that are worth purchasing.

I recommend the best only be used as they accept registering of SD cards and lifetime warranty is always covered. Less hassle less misery.

Less being here! :rofl:

This has not been my experience. I have now had two separate SD cards fail after a few months use. Following advice from technical support after checking my firmware, I replaced the original SD card and purchased an upgraded spec. The following is a copy of the text directly from my Amazon order page:-

SanDisk Extreme 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A2 App Performance + Rescue Pro Deluxe, Up to 160 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30 , Red/Gold.

I was then advised to also replace this one as it was probably faulty or the wrong specification… I’ve given up replacing the SD cards and now just use it for movement notifications. The picture quality and camera function are brilliant, it’s just this issue that lets it down.

I think they sell these cameras telling you that you can use an SD card rather than their cloud service but are trying to force you to use their cloud service by not supporting SD service.