Event Video Recording Upgrade Launch | Longer Event Video! 0 Cooldown!🔥

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:wave: Hi Netvue Friend,

We’d love to share some exciting news!

After the whole month of the Beta Test, with your kind support and help, we have identified and improved the experience with the Event Video Recording Feature. Now it’s the time to release it to you.

Please note, this upgrade has been processed for release. There might be a time delay depending on your device to actually receive the upgrade request.

- Upgrade Details -
1) Shorter Cool Down Time: Starting from 0 Second
Previously, in all the Event Video Recording Plans, the only available cool-down time was 5 minutes. In this upgrade, the available cooldown time has been changed to starting from 0 minutes based on different plan options.

2) More Fluent Event Video Recording Time: Up to 24 Seconds
We have also optimized the experience in the video recording process. All the event videos have been upgraded to a more fluent version without extra costs.

- Upgrade Notice -
In order to gain full access to this new feature, please make sure your device firmware is upgraded to “1634” and your Netvue app is upgraded to “5.20.X” .
If you have any questions related to the upgrading issue, please contact hi@netvue.com .

Learn More about Event Video Recording

------ :arrow_up: Updated on October 8th, 2021 :arrow_up: ------

:wave: Hi Netvue Community,

In order to improve your experience with Netvue Protect Plan, we are planning on launching some new features upgrade for Event Video Recording*:

  • Down to 0min Cooldown : In the premium Event Video Recording plan, the cooldown period will be decreased to 0 min, compared to the longest cooldown period in the past, which was 5mins. You will also get an adjustable cooldown time feature in the Netvue app.
  • Up to 24s Event Video : For the Event Video Recording, the length of the recorded video will be increased up to 24 seconds with nonstopped recording.

Before this feature is fully launched, we would like to invite you to become our beta testers to test this new upgrade and provide us some feedback for improvement!

If you are not currently involved in Event Video Recording, you can also participate! We will gift you a coupon to try it out for free !

If you are interested in becoming our beta tester, please fill the form below.

:fire:Link to the form:fire:

We are excited to learn about your beta experience and any feedback you might have. Thank you for all your participation!

Best Regards,
Netvue Marketing Team

*The actual plan might be adjusted during the beta testing.
Please note: Netvue owns the final explanation right to this event. Due to the limited spots for beta testing, we might not be able to reach out to everyone. But we appreciate all your participation. Please feel free to email hi@netvue.com if you have any questions about this event.

Can we get an update on the beta test? I have emailed several of the issues I’ve seen and have not received a response. Meanwhile, the new app upgrade for beta appears to have negatively impacted the rest of my cameras- no motion detection alerts, zone blocking and sensitivity not working, no Alexa connectivity, etc.