Event Video Recorder

I purchased the EVR through the app yesterday but my camera is not recording videos. It is still just three still photos. How do I get the video purchase to upload to the camera? I would assume it would be automatic.

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Thanks for letting us know that!

Please check your EVR could work now? If it’s not please restart your device. Thank you!

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I found that I needed to Attach the device to the plan from the App.
Go to the bottom of the App and click the Cloud symbol (it is in the middle on my iPhone) then … on the next page you will see (at the top), under Protect Plans a little cloud with an arrow My Subscriptions >
Click on that …
Then you are at the My Subscriptions page and you can see all your plans there … I only have the EVR Economy Plan (for up to 5 devices) and so I then click on that …
Then there is another page with Subscription Details - click on that … and then you have Active Device (among other options) … click on Active Device and then you will see devices (or not) - and and Edit button where you can assign the plan to your device(s).
I hope that helps.