Eliminate Unwanted Adds

I purchased several Netvue camera years ago and was pleased with their performance and the Netvue app, that is until about a year ago.

Apparently, Netvue just couldn’t leave well enough alone, they had to start injecting product adds that pop up from time to time whenever I open the app to check my camera feeds. These “Best of Today” adds as Netvue calls them, are extremely annoying, especially if I am in a hurry to check the camera feed at the top of my camera list, as I wind up clicking on the add instead of the camera.

Besides being annoying, pushing these adds is actually counterproductive, since I ( and probably most) of your customers who are annoyed by these adds will NEVER purchase a product pushed down our throats in this fashion.

The fact that Netvue does not give their users the option to opt out of receiving their obnoxious adds, shows that they know their customers would do just that.

They do offer a “see less often button” that users can click on but the adds still continue to show up anyway. How about a button allowing your customers to opt out of your adds for good??

Please do your customers and yourselves a favor and stop pushing your unwanted adds on us. Until you do, I won’t be purchasing any more products from you, nor will I recommend any of your products to potential customers.

To be honest, this whole system is a joke. The camera detects motion but then leaves a dead space with zero pictures or video after the event. I’ve turned videos over to law enforcement more than once due to my neighbor vandalizing my property and speeding excessively past my house, but the videos are so crappy they dont use them in court hearings. So frustrating and irritating to be confident you have evidence then turns out your camera system and cloud service are very poor quality and never work when needed, then they force ads on you. Junk system.


Thanks for sharing this and sorry for your bad experience.

I’ve applied your opinion. Your suggestion means a lot to us.

Kind regards,