Echo flex and Fire tv


I have n.5 netvue camera vigli 2 and 1 orb mini. All works good with Alexa and Fire tv .infact by the Fire tv remote controller by pushing the Alexa Button i can ask ti show each camera on TV . Same appen using Echoflex connected with the Fire tv by Alexa app on my Android Smartphone.
The problemi is that since May 1 its not possibile ti ask ti the Echo flex to show the camere on TV by the Amazon Fire tv. Each time for each camera the Alexa tel me that its not possibile to show cameraa by the device. I have tried to reset Fire tv. Reset the Echo, reinstall the netvue skill, but without succes. Can you help me please to fix this problem.?

Hi friend,

Thanks for letting us know that!

Could you send your device number to us? Thank you!

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