Download NVT3 files

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Could you add a feature that allows the download of NVT3 files from a live camera to a local PC?

The video files stored on the SD card are NVT3 files which are playable with your NVT player.
For viewing in this manner, the SD card containing the files has to connected to the local machine where the player is installed. Making the SD card remotely readable and save-able by NVT player would be HUGE.
(No need for external access. Access anywhere on the same subnet (mask = should be sufficient.)

Currently, if the camera catches a crime (as mine has) it requires;
i) the camera to be powered down,
ii) the SD card to be removed and copied,
iii) the SD card to be replaced and the camera to be powered up again.

I hope that I’ve explained myself correctly and that this makes sense!
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:+1:Good idea! Maybe we can add a local network file sharing service such as FTP.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing this awesome idea.

We will take it into consideration for next round of product updates. At this point, the only solution for watching your SD card files on your computer is via NVT player that you mentioned. We are in the process of improving user experience for the NVT player.

Please read this article for detailed information -

Below are the video player download links:
Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit

Hope this is helpful.

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Hi Paul
You don’t need to unmount the SD card to get the recorded video.
You can do it from the video display screen of the app, by clicking on the record button, either from live video or from an alert.
You must bear in mind that, once the recording has stopped, you must wait on the same screen to receive a confirmation message.
You will find the recordings among the images on your phone.

Thanks for that Jesus,
I get what you’re saying but my issue wasn’t viewing viewing historical files on my own device …
My issue is with allowing a third party (in my case this was the authorities) temporary access to my personal network simply to view the video recordings. I think it would be unwise to hand out the necessary information (IP addresses and passwords etc.) to allow access to my domestic network like this to 3rd parties. With my suggestion I was exploring the possibility of effectively backing up the camera SD card contents onto a USB stick in a much more user friendly fashion and thereby hopefully avoiding compromising my network security.
I am aware that Netvue offer a cloud backup facility but I feel that for the fees being charged ($6 per month) that facility is overkill are not entirely cost effective from my side …