Download failing

Each time I click on a notification to playback video a “download failed please check network connection” error pops up. My connections are all fine. Even the live screen is active. I did a firmware upgrade (after these messages started) thinking that might fix the issue but it didn’t. It’s still doing it.

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Same issue here, started the day after I added event recording

Frustrating. I restart my phone when it happens and goes away until the next day and starts all over again. I shouldn’t have to restart my phone every day. I’m guessing it’s an issue with the app, in my case.

I’m having the same issue!! It’s very frustrating and I’m having no luck getting customer service to respond to me.

Do you have to restart your phone to fix it? It hasn’t done it today…yet. I’m sure it will, it always does. Let’s hope this gets the attention of CS. They do seem to respond in here, even if it takes a long time.

And just like that, it did ut again. It’s got to be an app problem because it happens when I open the app and it closes on its own immediately and I click on it again and it opens but then it gives me the error message for every video.

May I have the SN number of the camera you are referring to?


Sorry for the late reply.
Could you please try to download our New APP named Netvue Next?
You can download it from Google play (Android) or APP store (iOS) to download it.
Please let me know if issue still exist.


Do I have to uninstall the other app first?

There is no need to uninstall the old APP first? Just download the new one and install it.