Continuous recording

Goodmorning everyone ,

my webcams I noticed that they are set in continuous recording or the relative sd continues to be overwritten. Is it possible to set recording ONLY with motion event?
I cannot find the relevant setting via the relevant application
Thanks in advance for the support.

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Hi Marceobeo,

Thanks for your question.

Yes. You should be able to make it happen. Continuous Video Recording and Event Video Recording are two different plans in Netvue Protect Plan. You could easily change your subscription in your account.

Please check out the following links to learn more about Netvue Protect Plan - Netvue Protect Plan | home security monitoring Cloud Service — netvue

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

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Netvue Marketing Team

I meant with the program not with your cloud. I will not buy your subscription given the lack of attention you show with your latest firmware