Connecting camera

My feeder came with no setup instructions. I found the Netview app, but after connecting to my Wifi, the app asked me to click on a QR code it presented. How is that done? Is there a manual somewhere?

Hold th QR code infront of the camera while it is dinging.

Hi, there,
Sorry that we have no setup manual, but here are the steps:
When you get a QR code on your phone screen like the below one, just Take the camera to scan the generated QR code. If the camera successfully scans the QR code, it will make a beep sound Ding:

  1. Please make sure the camera lens is clean.

  2. The QR code should be 6~12 inches in front of the camera. You can slowly move the camera back and forth to adjust the distance to get the best focus.

  3. Please do it in an environment that is not too bright or too dark.


How does one scan a QR code that is already on your phone? Why don’t you just provide the link?

The QR code is on the camera screen already. How do I hold it in front of the camera?

Hi, there,
The QR code needs to be scanned is generated from your phone during set up process, it is not the Qr code on the camera.


I don’t understand what you mean by QR code on the camera. My phone is displaying a QR code, and the app is asking me to scan it. I don’t know how to scan an image on that is not in the camera app. I can do a screen capture, but that does not activate the QR code.

Hi, there,
During the set up process, after the wifi connection page, you will receive a QR code generated in your phone. Then you need to put your phone screen in front of the camera’s lens.
If you still don’t know how to do this, could you please find out customer service in APP>Support. Our agent will help you to set up the camera


The QR code is displayed on my phone. How the heck do I place that image in front of the same phone’s lens?!
I’ll call support, I had looked online and could not find anyway to contact the company by phone.

Hold the QR code on your phone in front of the bird feeder lens. Move it slowing closer to the lens and further from it until the feeder dings that it is connected.

Thanks, I did call Netview, and was finally told that I’m supposed to show the QR code to the bird feeder lens, not to my camera, as the documentation says. I had assumed that was my phone, as that was the only way I had ever used a QR code before. It should have been a clue that that made no sense!