Christmas camera not charging after first time

I am having the same exact problem. Contacted customer support via email and chat but no answer. I suspect a class action lawsuit if they so not fix this issue or issue a massive refund. I even subscribed to the AI service for $50! What a scam!!

I placed a case with customer support about 2 weeks ago. My new birdfeeder arrived today! Its charging now. They sent a whole new feeder not just camera. Fingers crossed.

Funny, I asked them about this and they told me it’s fine. Every other camera that I have bought and attached a solar charger had a sleeve on it to make that connection water tight.

Hi, there
There are 2 situations related to the charging problem, troubleshooting is below:
A. Camera works with the wall charger but no solar panel:
Please confirm whether the solar panel is well connected and can receive sufficient sunlight, and make sure the temperature range of the camera when charging is 0~40°. If it does not work, please use a wall charger to charge the camera first, then connect it to the solar panel after fully charging and continue to observe. We will replace the solar panel for you if nothing works.

B. Camera does not charge with a wall charger:

  1. If the Type-C port on the back cannot be charged, connect the camera’s top USB port directly to a wall charger and check if it can be charged normally.
  2. Please make sure the specification of the charger is 5V/1.5A or above, try to use another charger or cable.
  3. Pay attention to the status of the indicator light during charging. The status of the charging indicator light should be a constant yellow light, it will turn green when fully charged.
    If the indicator light is not on when charging, please push the P button next to the power button and pay attention to the camera’s status. If it can be restarted normally, charge the camera after restarting.
    If nothing works, please send an email to with your order information and shipping address, we will send you a new camera as soon as possible.